Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SCout Flasher Setup v2.3 Free Download

Please follow strictly this step-by-step SCout installation procedure:

* Download S-Card driver for your operating system
* Install SCout driver. Run the driver installation.
* When windows driver installer asks for Smart-Card drivers, locate it to the folder you extract archive downloaded from our site.

After driver installation has been performed PC must be restarted. Otherwise S-Card hardware will not be recognized and the dongle will not work. 

* Download and install SCout flasher. 
* Download and install SCout updater.

SCout update process

For correct installation and stable SCout operation, it is recommended to connect the dongle to the motherboard USB port directly avoiding USB HUB connection.
  1. Launch SCout updater.
  2. Select interface language.
  3. Connect SCout dongle to PC USB port and press Next.
  4. The software should detect SCout dongle and display its serial number.
  5. Message "Processing SCout dongle" informs that update is in progress.
  6. Operation completed.
  7. SCout is updated and can be disconnected.

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