Monday, September 3, 2012

Volcano Box Setup v1.5.3 Free Download

What is new?

Adjust 6800H Write Flash
Adjust 6610/20 Write Flash
Fix 6800H bug
Adjust Mstar Write Flash
Adjust MTK Andriod Read Flash
Adjust Coolsand Find Pass Algo.

World's Most Wanted Solution = Unlock Your Samsung I9300 Etc Which RELOCK After Firmware Update... 
Now in these days Many Samsung i9300 coming which are Relocked by users & Shop keepers after Firmware update.... Your phone will Unlocked but when you update firmware your phone will Relock and then Trouble comes. after relock many other devices are failed to unlock again. So we specially make solution for them who have phones in hand with this condition. other boxes say phone unlocked but actually phone is still locked. this problem came in new firmwares in phones. you get unlock your phone by Service center and you update your firmware and after update your phone will Relock like these type of trouble you can easily solve with VolcanoBox. simply Root your phone....Connect usb model and Tick on ADB unlock thats it.... after run in few mins your phone will Unlock and Will Not RELOCK AGAIN !!

MTK Android Flashing Hints & Tips

In these days lot of Chinese mobiles comes with MTK 65xx Cpu
like MTK 6575, 6516, 6573, 6577 etc
mostly all of them are supported by Volcano Box
in some phone there have some tricks to connect which i want to share with you guys. we support Almost All mtk Android phones for ReadFlash, Write Flash, Repair imei etc All you can do with simple usb cable. No need to find rx tx or opening phones, as Rx Tx method is really slow so we don't do it yet. so for imei repair you have to perform these steps
1- Insert sim into phone
2- Insert Battery into phone
3- power on phone
4- Make sure Usb Debug mode on
5- Connect Usb cable
6- install drivers
7- open volcano -> mtk -> press ALT + CTRL + i
8- Select Android Tool
9- Press run & read instructions
Your phone's imei will repair

for Read or Write flash just perform these steps
1- open volcano -> mtk
2- select boot 7.1216
3- select Read Flash or Write flash ( if write Flash select Flash file 1st)
4- Tick usb mode
5- Insert battery into phone
6- Press Run button
7- inset usb cable
Your phone will read flash or write flash as you select Desire option !!
There is some boot keys for these Android phones
Some phones you need to press and hold these keys before plug usb cable

Vol +
Vol -
Vol + and Vol -
Camera key
Vol - and power button
Vol + and power button
Vol - and vol + and power
camera key and power
camera key and vol +
camera key and vol -
power button

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